What is Hypnotherapy?
What is EFT?
Quit Smoking

Support for:

Pain or Illness
Relationship Challenges
Test Taking Fears
Performance Anxiety
Surgery Preparation and Recovery
Anxiety and Stress
Healing Family Wounds or Trauma
Weight Management
Smoking Cessation
Exploring your Spiritual and Intuitive Nature
Creating more Self Empowerment
Finding more Joy in your Life
Improving Self Image
Talking with Loved Ones Who Have Passed
Sleep Disorders

(This Hubble Telescope Deep Space Image is of galaxies not stars.)

HYPNOTHERAPY and EFT can provide ways for you to resolve these needs.

Sue Cannon is a Certified Hypnotherapist with clinical training who can provide hypnotherapy and energy therapy services (EFT).

Call for a session appointment: 415 378 5898.

Veterans will receive 4 sessions free.